Total Solar Eclipse 2 July 2019 in La Serena (Chile)

On the 2nd of July 2019 there was a total solar eclipse. Most of its path was over the Pacific Ocean. Late afternoon the shadow of the Moon reached Chile and Argentina.

In April 2018 I already reserved a hotel in La Serena, 500 km north of the capital Santiago.

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On 29 June I flew Air France from Amsterdam via Paris to Santiago. I arrived in the Chilean winter. On Monday morning my rental Nissan NP300 was still covered with ice. I rented a 4-wheel drive to have the possibility to drive into the Elqui Valley east of La Serena. As the weather turned out to clear and sunny, I decided to observe the eclipse from La Serena

Earlier on the morning of July 1st I saw the rise of the Moon, with a tiny crescent. To the left of the Moon is the star Iota Aurigae.

Plaza de Armas de La Serena Hotel Soberania in La Serena.
Avenida Francisco de Aguirre. This avenue runs from the centre of La Serena to the beach with a monumental lighthouse. The map below shows the centre of La Serena. My observation spot was at the red dot above the word Plaza. I met a friendly observer from Chile, who sent me a picture of me via Facebook.
The eclipse in La Serena started 15:22 local time. Totality started at 16:38:11 and lasted 2 minutes and 15 seconds. During totality street lights went on. The picture below also shows the planet Venus.

The above video was made with a simple compact camera. The audio is at least as important as the images.

Apart from planet Venus a number of stars were visible in my picture. To make these visible the contrast needs enhancement. During the eclipse the Sun was in the constellation Gemini. The picture shows the stara γ Gem, ν Gem and ο Gem.

On 3 July I drove back south. I wasn't alone as shown by the queues at a petrol station. Someone had dumped eclipse glasses near the parking. As shame, as the next solar eclipse in Chili will be next year on 14 December. On the 5th of July I flew back to The Netherlands.