Eclipse Trivia - everything you ever wanted to know about solar eclipses, but ....

Updated: 31 October 2007

On these pages I will add regularly remarkable facts about eclipse or eclipse cycles. In my search for these fact I have used the series of Mathematical Astromy Morsels books by Jean Meeus, and the data from the Five Millennium Canon of Solar Eclipses: -1999 to +3000 by Fred Espenak and Jean Meeus (NASA/GSPC).

In the 5 millennium period from -1999 until 3000 there will be 11898 eclipses. The total eclipse of 1 August 2008 will be no. 9526.

On average there are 2.4 solar eclipses per year, but this varies: there are at least two solar eclipse per year, but there can be up to 5.

The number of eclipses per century varies between 222 and 255, as is shown in the graph on the left, and seems to repeat after almost 6 centuries.

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