The Sun

the PST on an Meade LXD 75 mount

Recently I purchased a Coronado PST (Personal Solar Telescope). It has an 1 bandwidth Hα filter, meaning that only light of a wavelength of 656.3 nm will pass through the telescope.

Below are some first shots at the sun, just using a simple Canon IXUS 30 camera in front of the eyepiece, while the PST was on a simple tripod. The camera has no manual exposure control.

On 26 Feb you could clearly see a flame on top. Visually a lot more details could be observed.

On 9 April 2006, there were multiple flares.

For other pictures of the sun, see my eclipse page.

The sun, 26 February 2006 

The sun, 9 April 2006

Top view of the PST shows the finder. The sun image can be easily centred in the finder, and then
the sun can be viewed in H-alpha through the eyepiece.